The Grenoken and Passive Income

The Grenoken is a futuristic project that is meant to increase agricultural awareness in Pakistan. It lies in the premises of Chakwal District which is well-known because of the highest literacy rate, modern agriculture, and easy access to Islamabad and Rawalpindi. In this blog, we will discuss how The Grenoken and Passive Income are related.

The Grenoken and Passive Income - Worthy Opportunity for Investors

Due to the increasing global inflation, many people are finding ways to generate a constant source of passive income. It has become important as it proves to provide a long-term means to have a stable income. With passive income, you can earn money consistently without really working for it.

If you are looking for suitable and stable investment opportunities in Pakistan, The Grenoken Farms is the best opportunity. It is an excellent choice because you will not only get stable profits but it also promotes a healthier lifestyle. This unique project not only promises financial security but also contributes to environment-friendly practices and the production of organic food. Below are some of the reasons why The Grenoken is a stable source of Passive Income.

1. Plot Size Options in The Grenoken

The Grenoken is located at Thanil Kamal on Mangwal Road, near the Neelah Dullah Interchange, Chakwal. Developed by Wirasat, this agricultural project offers plots of various sizes, including 2 Kanal, 4 Kanal, 8 Kanal, 16 Kanal, and 25 Kanal. You can get these plots at budget-friendly prices.

These farmhouses cover more than 6,000 Kanal of fertile land. It will be used for both agriculture and animal farming so a stable income will be generated regularly.

The Grenoken offers farmhouse plots of different sizes with a flexible payment plan:

  • 2 Kanal Farmhouse Plots: The 2 Kanal plots in The Grenoken are available at quite reasonable rates and you can book them with a 10% down payment. The remaining monthly installment is PKR 45,000 for 24 months.
  • 4 Kanal Farmhouse Plots: Just like the rates of 2 Kanal Plots in The Grenoken, these plots are also available at much more reasonable rates. You can book these plots with a 10% down payment and the remaining amount will be PKR 90,000 with 24 monthly installments.
  • 8 Kanal Farmhouse Plots: You can also avail much extensive farming opportunities by buying 8 Kanal plots. They also follow the same structure. You will need to pay only a 10% down payment and PKR 180,000 for 24 months.
  • 16 Kanal Farmhouse Plots: If you want to buy larger plots that will give you more profits, then 16 Kanal Plots in The Grenoken are ideal to buy. They come with 24 monthly installments of PKR 360,000 and with a 10% down payment.
  • 25 Kanal Farmhouse Plots: The largest size of plots available in The Grenoken is 25 Kanals for which you can pay 8 quarterly installments of PKR 650,000 with a 10% down payment.

This project is not only restricted to selling plots and giving possession. In fact, it has so much to offer.

2. Agricultural Tasks on Sold Plots

The main aim of the Grenoken project is to make agriculture simple and efficient. Once all or most of the plots in the project are sold out, the management will then undertake the agricultural tasks.

The whole process of agriculture like sowing, reaping, storing, and distributing the crops will be commenced. Then the profits will be distributed equally between the management and owners of the farms.

3. Eco-Friendly Environment with Organic Food

The agricultural farms in The Grenoken opt for producing organic and naturally healthy food so the consumers and environment are safe. For this purpose, an eco-friendly environment will be promoted at The Grenoken. The sustainable practices regarding agriculture will help in attaining and maintaining a healthy and natural environment.

4. Agritourism and Employment Opportunities

This farming project is committed to promoting organic farming at local or national levels. To promote culture and heritage, and educate more people, The Grenoken aims to introduce and promote agrotourism.

Moreover, as more land will be used for farming and agriculture, more people will be needed to perform various farming tasks. It is important to mention that this project will provide several employment opportunities to the local community. The employees will be given training on modern techniques of agriculture as well.

5. Smart Record Keeping

To provide transparency and gain trust, the management will maintain the records of all data for the convenience of all the parties involved. This will not only include the data of investors, but it will also have all the data regarding the agricultural farms and products.

In addition to this, the Smart Management System will also be introduced where smart energy management, smart water management, and smart waste management systems will be used. They will help in enhancing the productivity of the land.

6. A Step to Modern Agriculture

The main advantage of the project on the premises of Chakwal is that it will never be short of modern agricultural opportunities. People in this region are already aware of most of the technologies, so it will be easy to implement even smarter and new technologies.

Furthermore, training and education will also be provided to new farmers which will promote modern farming at the next level.


The Grenoken and passive income go hand in hand. Start a profitable journey by investing in The Grenoken. To sustain a healthier lifestyle, it is essential to invest in projects like The Grenoken. You will not only get a constant source of stable income, but the farmhouse project will also promote modern agriculture in Pakistan. For more details, please visit The Grenoken website.

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