Money Making Model

Grenoken’s Money Making Model (MMM) offers a fresh way to earn passive income through an exciting farmhouse project. Owned by Wirasat, Grenoken ensures a secure investment with plot sizes ranging from 2 Kanal to 25 Kanal. Inspired by Wirasat’s real estate success, MMM lets investors profit effortlessly from farming, emphasizing security, diversification, and minimal effort for high returns.

Once the plots are sold, Grenoken’s management takes over all farming tasks, ensuring simplicity for investors. Profits from crop sales are equally shared among plot owners, building a supportive community. Grenoken’s MMM, still in its early stages, plans a two-year run to refine its approach, making it a promising opportunity for a financially secure future.


In the first step, Grenoken starts by planting different crops on its farmland. This is like planting seeds in a garden, and we take good care of them to ensure they grow well. Our team selects crops that people want to buy and that thrive in our area. We use the best methods to grow healthy crops because this sets the foundation for the entire project.

We regularly check on the crops, provide them with the right fertilizers and water, and protect them from pests. Once the crops are ready, we harvest them, like collecting the rewards of our hard work. This diverse range of crops is then prepared for the next steps in our model. We’re not just growing crops; we’re cultivating success for everyone involved in Grenoken.


After harvesting the crops in our Grenoken farm, the next important step is storing. Think of it like putting away your favorite snacks for later. We carefully store the harvested crops in a safe and controlled environment. This ensures they stay fresh and high quality until it’s time to sell them.

We use advanced storage methods, like keeping fruits and vegetables in a refrigerator, to maintain their goodness. Proper storing helps us manage our products effectively, ensuring that when it reaches you, it’s as good as if it were just picked from the farm. So, from the farm to storage, we handle everything with care to deliver the best to our investors and customers.


Now, let’s talk about the exciting part – selling! Once our crops are ready, we connect them with people like you who appreciate fresh, locally grown produce. We have two main ways of selling: Business-to-Business (B2B) and Business-to-Consumer (B2C).

For B2B, we team up with bulk buyers and wholesalers, supplying them with our high-quality crops in large quantities. It’s like sharing the goodness with bigger groups. On the other hand, B2C is all about connecting directly with you, the individual customer. We offer our fresh produce to local markets, making sure you get the best, straight from our farm to your table. So, whether you’re a big buyer or someone who loves farm-fresh goods, we’ve got you covered!

Income Generation

Let’s talk about the exciting part – generating income with Grenoken! The Money Making Model (MMM) is designed for your financial benefit. Once you’ve invested, our expert team takes charge of all agricultural tasks, from planting to selling the crops.

The resulting profits are then equally distributed among all investors. This ensures a steady stream of income without the need for your day-to-day involvement in farm operations. It’s a simple and effective way to generate passive income and secure your financial future. Invest in Grenoken, and let your money work for you!

Profit Distribution

Now, let’s break down how the profits roll in. The income generated from the sale of agricultural produce is distributed equally among all plot owners, based on the size of their plots (kanal). This means the larger your plot, the more significant your share of the profits.

It’s a fair and transparent system, promoting the success of the project while ensuring that every investor reaps the benefits. The Grenoken’s commitment to equal profit distribution fosters a sense of community among investors, making it a win-win for everyone involved. Join us in this journey towards financial prosperity!