Wealth Maximization Model

Grenoken Farmhouses stands out as an exciting opportunity in agriculture, offering a simple way for people to earn money through strategic farming. Located just 12 km from Neelah Dullah Interchange on Thanil Kamal Mangwal Road, Grenoken provides various plot sizes for different agricultural needs, making it a convenient one-stop solution. Backed by Wirasat and developed by Prime Time Developers, Grenoken aims to create a secure and profitable experience for investors.

Adding to Grenoken’s vision is the Wealth Maximization Model (WMM). This smart strategy involves focusing on growing one specific crop on a larger scale, ensuring better profits. The WMM carefully selects the best crop, uses resources efficiently, studies the market for the right timing, and sells directly to both large buyers and local customers. By concentrating on a single, high-demand crop, Grenoken aims to maximize earnings, reduce costs, and support the local economy. This approach makes Grenoken a promising project, combining sustainable farming with good profits. For more details, check Grenoken.com.


In the first step of the Wealth Maximization Model (WMM), Grenoken focuses on growing a specific crop in high demand. This means planting and taking care of the chosen crop on a large piece of land. The goal is to make sure the crop grows well and is ready to be sold.

Grenoken carefully picks a crop that people really want to buy, considering things like what’s trending, what people like, and what grows well in the area. By putting effort into growing this crop, Grenoken ensures a good start to the whole process of making profits from farming.

Refining: Packing and Storing:

In the next step, refining, Grenoken prepares the harvested crop for sale. This involves processing the crop to ensure it’s clean and high-quality. Modern techniques are employed to meet the standards expected by customers, adding value to the product and setting the stage for a successful sale.

After refining, Grenoken moves to packing and storing. The refined crop is carefully placed into attractive and protective packages, aiming to keep it fresh and undamaged during transportation and storage. Attention to packing details, including the use of quality materials, is crucial to maintaining the crop’s quality and meeting customer expectations.


Once the refined crop is ready, Grenoken dives into promotion and marketing. This step involves showcasing the product to potential buyers in the best way possible. Grenoken uses various methods to let people know about the high-quality crop they have grown.

Through advertisements, social media, and local events, Grenoken spreads the word about their product. They highlight its unique features, such as being sustainably grown and locally sourced. By creating a buzz around the crop, Grenoken aims to attract both bulk buyers and individual customers. This strategic promotion helps in maximizing the sales and ensuring that the refined and well-packed crop reaches a wide audience.

Selling B2C and B2B:

Following successful promotion and marketing, Grenoken enters the selling phase using both Business-to-Consumer (B2C) and Business-to-Business (B2B) approaches. B2C sales target individual customers, offering them the opportunity to directly purchase the high-quality crop. Local buyers who appreciate sustainable and locally sourced produce become a focus.

Simultaneously, Grenoken engages in B2B sales, targeting bulk buyers and wholesalers. By selling in larger quantities, Grenoken ensures a significant portion of the crop is distributed widely. This dual approach allows Grenoken to cater to diverse customer preferences, maximizing overall sales and establishing a strong market presence.

Maximizing Profit Regularly, Weekly, Monthly:

Having introduced the refined and well-packed crop, Grenoken strategically works to maximize profits on a regular basis. Constant monitoring and adjustments ensure a steady income flow, with regular analyses of market trends for real-time decision-making.

On a weekly basis, Grenoken assesses sales performance, adapting marketing strategies to changing consumer demands. Monthly evaluations further refine production and sales processes, aiming for continuous improvement and sustained profitability. This dynamic and adaptive approach ensures Grenoken not only maximizes profits regularly but also remains responsive to market dynamics on both short and long-term scales.

Distribution of Profit per Kanal:

Total Revenue ÷ Total Kanal = Revenue Per Kanal

After selling the refined crop, Grenoken makes sure to share the profits with investors. Imagine a Kanal as a slice of the profit pie – the more Kanals you have, the bigger your slice. It’s like everyone getting their fair piece based on how much land they invested in. This fair and clear way of sharing the profits ensures that if you have a larger piece of land (more Kanals), you get a larger piece of the earnings pie. Grenoken keeps it simple and square for everyone.